Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Bog

"The Bog" On a smuggy Summer evening in July, the air is filled with incessant chirping, croaking, and fluttering sounds....Yes, life is quite active and abundant here. What is heard is not always necessarily seen, but if you squint yer eyes and peer off into the distance, you can spy the community of fireflies hovering just above will-o-the-wisp and a healthy chorus of frogs.~S

This, my latest painting was totally inspired by listening to the continuous sounds of tree frogs, crickets, cicadas, and whatever other forms of life that sing the melodies of a hot and muggy Summer evening. I can see the lightning bugs of fireflies come out at dusk, which take me back to my youth and the fun me and the other kids would have trying to catch them inside empty jelly jars. All this activity just begining as the sun sets can make me only imagine such a lively world evolving on a larger a larger stage such as "The Bog".   

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  1. Gee Steve it said no comments that not so..cause here I am to rescue this image and give it some fresh always
    Chicago Sher